New Product

Febuary 2016



A two-zone prepolish and polishing lap. The outer zone is the new Zinc+™ alloy, and is establishing itself as a very fast and versatile prepolishing lap. The inner zone is the popular DIAMATRIX™ polishing surface. Similar to the popular DOMINATRIX™ with the BATT prepolish band, the DIA-Z+™ offers a more aggressive prepolish at a lower price. The Consumer Testing on these laps has been done in public:

Gemology Online Test Thread

New Product

August 2015

Zinc Plus Lap

ZINC PLUS™ Laminated Prepolisher

Highly purified 99.99+ Zinc to which is added grain refiners, tougheners and deoxidizers. Gentler and smoother to use than prior zinc laps, but still more aggressive then the tin alloys. Produces very rapid prepolishes, and has been used for cutting with the “Watercut” Diastiks.

Lighter in weight than the heavy cast laps, they offer better balance, smoother running, and easier, more predictable use due to their finer and uniform grain sizes. In time, they will probably obsolete the cast products.

New Product

February 2014


Specially toughened micro-porous ceramic composite for polishing with diamonds. A harder, sharper meet-forming version of the popular Matrix™ lap, especially suited for the BlackStik™ water dispersible diamond polishing system, also useful with conventional compounds.

Light pressure wit the usual sweeping is suggested.

New Product

June 2012


The success of the Chrome Oxide GREENWAY™ Lap has been established in polishing quartzes, excelling with the beryls, and has done well with garnets, tourmaline, the feldspars and peridot. Similar to the Greenway™, the Creamway™ is a Zirconium Oxide/ceramic polymer "Just Add Water" lap. The polymer has further been modified to allow exceptionally high oxide loading.